Thanks for helping out y'all! My syllabus feels like a lot right now, so if I drop a couple readings don't be mean to me. Also, I'll probably end up adding at least a few articles/readings once my Watson stuff gets more underway. So just overall, my syllabus is subject to change as the summer moves forward.

Things to DoEdit

1. Read books

2. PhD applications

3. Watson Presentation

4. CCCC Proposal


For the most part, I think I just need people to ask me about what I'm reading and what I'm working on. I plan on spending a lot of time reading anyway, so I don't think I'll have trouble getting stuff read, but it'll be good to have to explain what I'm reading so that I make sure I'm thinking about it critically. For PhD application stuff, I expect I'll have specific questions about those things (CV, personal statement, etc.) when we are looking at them, so I'll worry about that later. For the Watson/CCCC stuff, I just want to make sure that my ideas aren't just totally bonkers. I think I get concerned about conference stuff sometimes because there's no authority figure to check me if I'm going off the deep end (not that that's ever happened, but I worry) and so I think I'll probably take advantage of you guys to make sure I'm staying within the bounds of reasonable thought. So overall, I think 90% of the help is just going to be having a time and place in which I have to talk about what I'm doing. Thanks!


Week 1 (May 12-18)

-4Cs proposal

-Halberstam, In a Queer Time and Place

Week 2 (May 19-25)

-List of PhD programs

-New London Group, Multiliteracies

Week 3 (May 26-June 1)

-list of further research for Watson presentation

-Foucault, The Archaeology of Knowledge

Week 4 (June 2-8)

-Miller, Textual Carnivals

Week 5 (June 9-15)

-list of materials for PhD programs


-Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed

Week 6 (June 16-22)

-Bakhtin, Speech Genres and Other Essays

Week 7 (June 23-29)

-Lunsford, Everyday Writer

Week 8 (June 30-July 6)

-Personal Statement

-Bawarshi, Genre and the Invention of the Writer

Week 9 (July 7-13)

-outline for Watson presentation

-Lu and Horner, Writing Conventions

Week 10 (July 14-20)

-St. Martin’s Teaching Writing (some of the essays)

Week 11 (July 21-27)

-Writing Sample

-Graff and Birkenstein, They Say I Say

Week 12 (July 28-August 3)

-Mignolo, The Idea of Latin America

Week 13 (August 4-10)

-Burke, A Grammar of Motives

Week 14 (August 11-17)

-Watson presentation draft

-Benjamin, Illuminations