1. Make me explain the articles/books I read.
  2. Read critically my uploaded responses; tell me when/where my writing is weak, unclear, illogical, ambiguous, jargony, wordy, etc.
  3. Workshop my personal statements.

Summer Goals 2014Edit

1. Ph.D apps 

  • Decide on programs (around 10?)
  • Research faculty interests
  • Write two (2) personal statements
  • Update CV; think about letters of recommendation

2. Read

  • Economic philosophy
  • Rhetoric/Composition takes on issues of economy
  • (Figure out specific reading material over the next couple of weeks)

3. Annotate at least one (1) source per week (articles) and at least 3-4 books over the course of the summer, probably dealing with issues of economics in the field of rhetoric/composition

4. Revise 551 and 601 papers; revise Horner paper for Watson (October 16-18)

5. Study for language exam; register by June 2 for test on June 14.

Summer Syllabus 2014Edit

Week 1 (May 12-May 18)

-McCloskey, Dierdre. "The Rhetoric of Economics."

-McCloskey, Dierdre. "The Rhetoric of Economics, Revisted."

-McCloskey, Dierdre. "The Rhetoric of Law and Economics."

-BOOKS: (reading through Mid-June)

     From Here to Economy: A Shortcut to Economic Literacy, Todd Buchholz (check out)

     The Rhetoric of Economics, Dierdre McCloskey (check out)

Week 2 (May 19-May 25)

-Karjanen, David"Opposition to the Living Wage: Discourse, Rhetoric, and American Exceptionalism." (PDF)

Week 3 (May 26-June 1)

-Excerpts from Congdon, Tim. Money in a Free Society: Keynes, Friedman, and the New Crisis in Capitalism. (check out)

Week 4 (June 2-June 8)

-Kemple, Thomas. "Spirits of Late Capitalism." (PDF)

Week 5 (June 9-June15) Workshop 1: CVs

-Adkins, Lisa. "The New Economy, Property, and Personhood." (PDF)

-Gupta, Akhil. "The Song of the Nonaligned World: Transnational Identities and the Reinscription of Space in Late Capitalism." (PDF)

Week 6 (June 16-June 22)

-Jameson, Fredric. "The Brick and the Balloon." (PDF)


     Bourgeios Identity: Why Economics Can't Explain the Modern World, Dierdre McCloskey

Week 7 (June 23-June 29)

-White, Michael. "Turbulence and Turmoil in the Market or the Language of Financial Crisis." (PDF)

Week 8 (June 30-July 6)


Friday: Workshop 2: Personal/Teaching Statements

Week 9 (July 7-July 13)



Week 10 (July 14-July 20)



Week 11 (July 21-July 27)



·     Workshop: Writing Sample

Week 12 (July 28-August 3)



Week 13 (August 4-August 10)



·     Workshop: Whatever is left

      Week 14 (August 11-August 17)




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